Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Hospital Bag Must Haves...

I wrote this post the day before Connor's birth. I just never got around to hitting publish. Better late than never. The intention was to take some pics of my packed hospital bags to go with this post but it never happened. Heck my bags didn't even make it into the delivery room until hours after Connor was born!

Everyone has their own ideas of what are hospital bag essentials, so I thought I would share mine with you. Being the third time around I have it down to only what I really need, no point lugging around a huge bag of stuff that you aren't even going to use. For me it is all about comfort.

For Me
Soft pyjamas - I like loose bottoms and a more fitted top that buttons down at least halfway that I layer over a long singlet so that there is no accidental flashes of my post baby belly. 

Dressing gown - not too long, you don't want it dragging on the hospital floor. Ick.

Slip-on slippers - so important that you can get them on and off without your hands or the need to bend down.

Loads of pairs of cheap black underpants - you can throw them out after, and you aren't going to worry about wrecking your good ones.

Maternity pads -  lots of them. If you are having a vaginal birth you will want them to be as soft and cushiony as possible in those first few days post delivery. Just trust me on this.

Breast pads - again soft and gentle. You don't want cheap, nasty itchy ones. That will just make those early days of nursing even tougher.

Nipple cream - I prefer Lansinoh, it was recommended to me by a fab lactation consultant after Ryan was born and was a million times better than what I used with Mia. And a little goes a really long way.

Nursing bras - I pack 3 for hospital, and I am only planning on staying in for one night, mainly because Ryan used to love to spit up, a lot. And usually straight down my top.

Socks - my feet always get super cold after delivering. 

Toilet paper - the softer the better. That hospital stuff feels like sandpaper post delivery.

Toiletries - All the usuals, plus I make sure I have some really nice body wash and hair products for that first shower. It will make you feel a million times better. Plus I pack my make-up, lets face it lots of photos are going to be taken, you want to look and feel good in them. 

My Own Pillow - hospital ones just suck.

Camera & charger - this really goes without saying, you do not want to miss out on all those gorgeous new baby photo opportunities.

Phone & charger - I always forget my charger so I make sure I add a post it note to the top of my bag so I remember.

Going home outfit - You want to be comfy so stretchy is best here. I am taking jeggings (the only time I recommend them) and a long soft tee and a light sweater and slip on shoes. We are only 5 minutes from the hospital, but I still want to look and feel good as I walk out with my precious bundle.

For Connor
Now this will depend on what your hospital provides, but we have to take all nappies, wipes, etc with us. Your hospital will let you know about those things.

Onsies - 6 - 8 depending on how long you are staying in hospital. It is always better to have too many rather than not enough.

Singlets - 6 - 8

Beanie / Hat - they don't just look cute but they help to regulate bubs temperature.

Wraps - for swaddling, 4. 

Blanket - for when it gets cold overnight.

Breastfeeding pillow - I use a boomerang pillow, because its bigger and I find it more comfortable in the early days of nursing.

Going home outfit - You can just take baby home in a onsie, but sometimes a sweet, special outfit is nice.

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