Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Rain...


When the rain comes after stinking hot and dry weather it brings with it renewal and new growth and brings a freshness to the air. And that is what it feels like the rain did for me late yesterday.

My mind has been a fair bit foggy lately, adjusting to surviving a new life with three kids while running on much, much less sleep than my body usually requires. My temper has be quicker, my concentration shorter, my organisational skill pretty much empty.

Then the rain came. It wasn't unusual, it's been raining a fair bit here lately. But it felt different. The sky was all foggy, the air cool and full with the magical scent of the rain, it was almost mesmerising. I found myself stopping and just watching it fall outside my window. It felt invigorating.

There is no explanation for it, no reason why, but that rain completely refreshed me. My head felt clearer and I felt alive. And I have woken this morning feeling completely brand new. Tired but refreshed, if that makes sense.

Sometimes you receive exactly what you need, even when you yourself don't know that you need it.

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