Thursday, April 11, 2013

Her and I...

Mia has been on school holidays for the last two weeks. I love school holidays the more time with my girl the better. I always start to feel a little sad the closer to the end we get. Some mums look forward to their kids going back to school, not me, I miss her when she is there. Sometimes I say to Todd that it would be great if I had the patience to homeschool because then she could be with me everyday. But alas I don't. And besides she adores school. Adores her teacher and loves her friends. But still this mama misses the days before she started school.

Me: striped sweater - Big W, undershirt - Target, jeans - Target, shoes - Big W
Mia: sweater - Target, shorts - Big W, shoes - Converse

I have been making a really conscious effort to build, grow and nurture the bond between the two of us. Things with us are sometimes strained because we have the exact same personality and can clash or but heads because of it. We are as stubborn and easily frustrated as each other. We both get flustered and nervous easily. She is even the exact image of me when I was her age. 

And she is so worth nurturing.

The effort is paying off because things are wonderful with her. The cuddles are tighter and longer, the stories are longer and more regular, the extra I love you's are wonderful. They may not be the hugest things in the world but the me they are everything.

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