Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This Mama Has Been Sick...

Real sick. I have the flu and it has well and truly knocked me off of my feet. I don't usually get the flu very bad, just the sore throat and a cough. But this time around I've had fevers, cold shivers, whole body aches and pains, migraine, the works. It is awful.

So obviously the picture above isn't me, but its totally how I look and feel. 

I woke up feeling rotten on the morning of Mia's party, but didn't really have a chance to stop. Come Sunday morning, I was so wrecked. I spent the day sleeping bundled up in layers and layers on the couch yet still felt completely frozen. The only time I got up was to nurse Connor. It was awful.

As a Mum you don't get to just stop everything and focus on getting better when you are sick. There is still night time feeds to do, nappy changes, school run and everything else that comes along with it. But I have to say Todd has been so wonderful. He took it all in his stride on Sunday, took care of all three babies so well, they were so happy, brought Connor to me every-time he needed to be fed. And cooked the most amazing dinner. 

That man is so good to me. Even when I resisted and said that I was fine, he still bundled me off to bed. And kept coming in to check up on me and give me sweet kisses. 

So for the next few days I am focusing on getting better and hopefully not getting everyone else in the house sick. Feel free to send your prayers for a speedy recovery my way. 

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Love Meghan said...

i'm sorry you are (were?) sick! it's the worst, especially when you're a mom. you're right: life doesn't stop when we get sick. we just have to keep moving and deal with it! hope you're feeling better now!