Thursday, May 30, 2013

Days Fly By Round These Parts....

My mum and my littlest man.

As I sit here and type this it's Thursday morning and I find myself wondering where the last week went. I know all the days were there but boy it doesn't feel like I got to experience them all. Do you ever feel like that? It just seems like once you have children your days fly on by in a continuous blur. Add some tech issues of changing internet providers and having no internet and it feels like forever since I have been here on my little blog. Aside from what was already scheduled and good old 3G (sense the sarcasm - its a rubbish connection here at home) on my phone nothing blog related has been done. I have missed it.

It' has all been a good blur though.  A lot of living was done. Todd had a four day weekend after having to go away for a work tasking so we got to enjoy some extra time together which was so good. We had a day date with our favourite little third wheel and went into the city (Brisbane) on Thursday while the big kids were at school and preschool. We got ourselves some Starbucks and just wandered around picking up a few things here and there.

Aside from that there has been playdates, coffee and cake dates with my Mum, gardening, back patio redecorating, movie nights, crafting, headband making, 7 and Under Day at school, cooking, long walks and good old fashioned quality family time. It has been wonderful, but I have been itching to get to work on some blog things I have planned which are super exciting. Can't wait!

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