Friday, May 10, 2013

Two Months...

My sweet baby Connor is two months old. And he is a complete ray of sunshine. The boy is such a sweet happy baby. Such a contrast to my Ryan who was a tough baby, he was exhausting. It's amazing how two babies can look basically identical and yet be polar opposites.

It's incredible to think that this precious baby has been with us for two months already, it feels like yesterday that he was born. Yet it also feels like he has always been a part of our family and that's such a wonderful feeling. I was looking back through the photos from the day he was born earlier and I don't even have the right words to describe the feelings that came over me. From before he was even born Connor had captured our hearts.

He had his two month health check earlier this week and he is doing really well. Growth is spot on and he handled his needles like a champ. One cuddle from mummy was all it took to have him smiling again. He is super strong, looks around at everything and responds with coos and smiles. He wriggles himself around a lot. He gets himself up the other end of the cot during naps, and loves to wriggle his way off of his play mat to be facing a completely different direction. He tries so hard to roll over, which he has shocked himself and done on a couple of occasions. I am not at all wanting this yet, Ryan was lazy and stayed put for a long time. I was kind of hoping Connor would be the same. Why oh why don't babies stay newborns long enough. 

He is 12lbs 6oz of sweet, sweet baby. 

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Grace martin said...

my kids are complete opposites too! anna was an easier baby but shes stubborn and baby iggy is super sensitive and clingy haha