Saturday, June 8, 2013

Coffee Date...

Wow, I have finally done my first vlog post for Coffee Date over at Rags To Stitches. Please be kind. I was so so nervous. Come join me for a hot cup of coffee (make mine with French Vanilla creamer please!) while I tell you all about fear and how I am trying to stop it from controlling my blogging life.

Lets have coffee again soon.

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Amanda said...

yay!!! congrats on being brave!!! :) and you know what...i SO needed to hear this today. I've been in the exact same spot recently. I've been in the process of opening up an Etsy shop, but all the "what if's??" and "no one is going to buy anything why bother's" have been keeping me back. I've been putting up these road blocks in my mind before I've even really started. I've also let my own blog go by the wayside because I let those stupid feelings get in the way. bah...why do we do this to ourselves!?!? lol So...THANK YOU!! Your words were heard by someone who really needed to hear it :)