Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Long Weekends...

Here in Australia, we just enjoyed a long weekend for the Queen's Birthday. I love long weekends. I mean, who doesn't? An extra day to spend with Todd. Sounds good to me. We didn't do a whole lot really. Saturday was spent baking, playing soccer, movie watching and barbecuing with friends.

Sunday was a lazy day. We all slept late (Mia was at a sleep over) and stayed in our pajamas till the early afternoon. French toast was consumed (do you like sweet or savoury? Todd loves savoury and I am all for sweet!) and some more soccer was played. Todd and I snuck in a movie night of our own once the kids were down for the night. Snuggling up on the couch under a quilt, with popcorn, coffee cake and a soft drink always wins me over.

Monday was productive. It was raining all day, and all we felt like doing was sleeping, but we made ourselves get moving. Lots of sorting was done in preparation of a garage sale, and there was so fun re-organising and planning. Todd even fixed up an old cupboard we were thinking we would have to toss. Now its a great little shelving unit for the garage. We worked on lists and talked about some great projects we want to make a start on, its always so much easier to get into a project when someone else is as excited about it as you are. 

Mia and Ryan however, they spent to entire day being separated. The fought all.day.long. It was exhausting. I don't know what is up with them, because they are always so happy to be around each other and have always played so well together. But not today. There was yelling, screaming, throwing, bossing around and even hair cutting. Yep Ryan cut a chunk out of Mia's long locks after she put lipstick on and was trying to kiss him all over his face. Sigh. I mean really you guys? It was an understatement to say that we breathed a sigh of relief when they both went to bed.

Now it's back to the routine, but at least I feel ready to hit it running. It's a blessing to have a brand new day after all.

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