Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Weekend...

Our weekend was slow. It was cold, we had a tonne of stuff to organise and our sweet little guy was coming down with a virus. It was still a nice weekend though plenty of time with Todd and the babies.

We have a large storage room under our house which has been jam packed since we moved into this house a year ago. We decided we need to pull it all out, clean it all up and sort through it to decide what we want to keep, donate or sell. You would not believe how many boxes of toys were in there. Yikes, I have never seen a clothesline so full of drying stuffed toys. Not to mention all the hard toys that got a wipe down. There was also a heap of furniture, some of which we are going to repurpose into a workbench for the storage room. Exciting!

Now all we have to do it put back the things we want to keep. We have a heap of storage tubs and shelving for that, but it still seems like a huge job. At this point where I have stuffed stacked everywhere and our garage is full, it seems like a never ending process.

We managed to squeeze a little lunch and play at the park on Sunday and them some car washing. 

Poor Connor progressively got grumpier as the weekend went on, with Sunday afternoon / night being the worst. First thing Monday the doctor confirmed a virus. Seeing a baby so little sick is just so hard. Especially with a virus where there is not much you can do but try and keep them comfortable and nurse nurse nurse to try and help them fight it off. I just wish there was a quick fix so we can have our super happy boy back again. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later that's for sure. 

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Lindsay said...

Poor Connor! :( I hope he feels better soon! It's no fun when the little ones aren't feeling well. :(