Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Little Man...

That's what Ryan is now. Now longer my baby or my little toddler. He's a boy, a sweet little man.

He was the most full on baby, he would not go to anyone but me, ever. The mere sight of someone too close to us would start the screaming. Which meant there was never a break, no passing the baby to someone else to hold for a mere 5 minutes. Not unless you wanted to have burst ear drums that is.

But once he hit one, he completely changed. Oh his mama is still the apple of his eye, for sure. Just now he is the most sociable, friendly, outgoing, energetic, fun little person I have ever known. While Mia can feel jealous or get a little bossy and well, all girly and sulky. Ryan does not get jealous, ever. He will share or offer to give his thing / food / toys whatever to anyone who he thinks would like it. He is so protective of Mia and Connor and ever other children if he thinks someone is being mean or nasty or cruel. Yet if someone is ever mean to him it just rolls off his back, he just says oh well I will play with my other friends. And walk away. So amazing at 4, almost 5.

He knows right and wrong, and he will point it out every chance he gets. Sometimes at the worst moments, but the boys knows where he stands on things and there is no way we are ever going to try any stifle that.

He will tell anyone who looks his way what hes been doing for the day and that he loves cars and superheroes and Star Wars. And his baby brother. He tells everyone how wonderful his baby is. And heaven forbid if someone asks if he cries, Ryan will put them in their place with the line "babies cry because they can't talk, he is telling you what he wants, its not naughty to cry".

He fills me with so much pride. He overflows with kindness. He will go out of his way to make people smile.
He is a joy. He is alot of work, because he always wants to learn and know more. So I am always on my toes trying to find new and interesting things to teach him. He is so full of energy, from the moment he wakes till the moment he goes to bed, he is going full throttle. But I wouldn't change it for anything 

And that my friends is my little man. Am I lucky to be his mother or what!

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Alyson McMahon said...

He is SO cute. Little boys are so much fun, aren't they? It's so hard watching them though, seeing them not be our babies anymore. Bittersweet!