Thursday, July 25, 2013

Connor At 4 Months...

To be fair he is actually closer to five months than four now. It has taken me that long to get this post up. It's just crazy to me that my sweet tiny little newborn can be over a third of a year old already. It makes me so happy to see him growing and thriving yet breaks my heart how quickly it is going by. I look at Connor and it feels like it was just a blink ago that Mia and Ryan were tiny babies. Ugh this mama gig tugs at the heart strings constantly. 

Connor is still our little ray of sunshine. He is such a happy little man. His smiles are contagious. He still doesn't sleep through the night often, perhaps once a week. The rest of the time he usually wakes once, I can handle that. He is obsessed with food. He even grabbed hold of a piece of his brothers birthday cake and tried to eat it! Soon we will start with solids. But he's growing well and has more chubby on him than Mia and Ryan ever did so I'm not in any rush. 

He rolls like a pro and uses them to get around. He can sit up by himself for a couple of minutes at a time, then he tumbles on over. He has started pushing himself up onto his hands and knees, and then pushing himself either backwards or sideways. He can't figure how to go forward. Unbelievable to me how this tiny little baby can be so determined to get moving. I just want him to slow on down. Hoping that it takes a few more months for him to figure it out.

Stats at 4 months:
weight 15lbs 3oz
length 65 cms ( 25.6 inches)
head circ 44 cms (17.3 inches)

He is the same length and has the same head circumference as his brother and sister, but over a pound more weight on him. I find it a little funny since he was the smallest of the three of them at birth.