Monday, July 22, 2013

He Likes To Party...

Ryan's party was a blast. He had all his little friends there with him to celebrate. According to him it was awesome. He can't believe he's 5. He can't believe he had a party. He can't believe he got presents from his friends. The boy is so easily pleased. I just can't get enough of him.

I had grand plans for his party. Pool noodle light sabers. Light saber chocolate dipped biscuits. Black table decorations. Star Wars themed labels. And it just didn't happen. Pool noodles in the right colours were impossible to find out here in the middle of winter. The light saber biscuits were dropped. I couldn't find black table cloths that weren't super expensive. Our printed died, we got a new one and it just won't sync to our computer. Talk about frustrating. I was getting really upset and disappointed.

Todd totally stepped up and got my head into the right space. He reminded me the party wasn't for me. So I kept it simple. Ryan's favorite colours, red and blue. The themed food, just without the labels. The cake he wanted. With a few coordinating cookies for good measure. Bubbles. Yummy treats. Pass the parcel. His favorite park.

You see in all my excitement to theme the party and make it picture perfect, I was forgetting the most important thing about the party. It was for Ryan. For him. It needed to be what he wanted. And let me tell you, five year old boys don't care about themes. They don't care if things match. They want Cars invitations and lolly bags, a Star Wars cake and hold it at an Air Force themed park. They want ALL their favorite things to be shared and celebrated with their friends.

And that what he got in the end. 

The time will come when he wants a proper all out theme. With everything coordinating. And I will be more than happy to oblige. Until then he can have the mish mash that little boys seem to love so much.

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