Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Wow. It's hard to believe that a week has passed since I wrote or have done anything remotely blog related. Sometimes life gets in the way. And I think that's a good thing.

My days have been full. We had two days of sports carnivals at Mia's school followed by weekend playdates. Ryan had a little fall and got a massive lump on his head, cuts and scrapes on his hands and knees. Then the poor thing got a stomach bug a couple of days later. A few days of doing nothing but sleep and throw up for him. He's on the mend now, thankfully. 

Connor has decided now is a great time to get up on all fours and either rock or push himself backwards or sideways. Hold me now. Where has my tiny baby gone? I wish he wasn't in such a hurry to get moving. But you can't hold them back can you? Or can I?!

I also finally got started on redoing Mia's chest of drawers. I've only been meaning to do it for the last few years. FYI starting a new project is a pretty great way of avoiding the mountain of washing that comes with a stomach bug. Never fear the washing did eventually get done, as did Mia's drawers. They look so much better than the horrible super dark drab stain that was on them. Now they match her bed. And she loves them.

Unfortunately for Todd I now have the rest of our furniture in my sights. Luckily for me he is always on board with my constant stream of ideas. Possibly because he knows it will take me forever to get around to them all. More likely it's because he knows how much I enjoy making our house a warm and comfy home that we love. 

I had a schedule and loads of plans for this blog for the last week and this week, but you know, sometimes things just need to be out on hold for a moment. It's been refreshing, not checking emails, not going on social media, not reading blogs. Do I have a lot of catching up ahead of me? For sure. But I also have so many new ideas, projects and plans. And let's face it things that come about organically and not simply because of a deadline are usually much better anyway.

So for today, I'm getting caught up. 
Tomorrow I will be back with the winner for the July Group Giveaway.

Hope you have all had a fantastic last week, thank you all for sticking around.

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