Monday, July 8, 2013

Q and A...

I always love reading Q and A posts, it's fun to get a little different insight into your favourite bloggers lives. I thought it'd be a bit of fun to give it a go and let you all get to know me a little bit better.

Q: What did you think the first time you saw your husband?

A: We met in high school through mutual friends. The first time we spoke was when he came up to ask me to go to the Year 12 formal with him. I remember thinking he was a little scary, but cute. He had a longish crazy curly mop of hair, an eyebrow ring and really intense eyes. When he came to pick me up for the formal he had cut his hair, it was neat and short, and the eyebrow ring was gone. He looked like a completely different person, yet those eyes remained. That night I learnt what a sweet, kind and well mannered gentleman he was. And I was smitten.

Q: Have you always been crafty?

A: Ha, no way! Once I finished high school, and therefor art class, I did not do a single crafty thing until about 6 months before I start this blog. So for about 10 years, there was zero craftiness in my life. Same with sewing, I hadn't sewn since grade 10 home economics. I bought the machine with the hope of teaching myself again. I cried the first time I tried to use it and had to get Todd to thread it all up for me. I was hopeless. But I practiced over and over until I got it right. Now I always have some kind of craft and sewing project on the go. Usually more than one at a time.

Q: What's your favourite type of sandwich? 

A: Oh I love a good sandwich. I love bacon, lettuce, avocado, cheese and tomato with a little mayonnaise and barbecue sauce. But nearly every single day I have a PB&J with Ryan for lunch. Totally happy to use him as an excuse to eat them.

Q: What's your favourite colour?

A: I'm a pink girl. It used to be everywhere. Eek. Now it's touches here and there. But my eye is still always drawn to it. What can I say, I'm a super girly girl.

Q: What's your favourite book and why?

A: I could tell you about a book that's all deep and meaningful, but honestly my favourite book to read recently was The Hunger Games. Pure entertainment value right there. Plus it also kinda reminds me how silly and fickle obsession with looks and material things can be. And that people aren't always as they appear.

Q: What are you currently reading?

A: At the moment I am reading Refresh and The No-Brainer Blog. They may be eBooks. But they are good. I needed Refresh that's for sure. I am going to read One Thousand Gifts next.

Well that was fun! A big thank you to all you wonderful friends who asked the questions via Instagram and email. What do you want to know? Leave a comment and I will do a follow up post answering your questions.

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Amanda said...

Now I want a sandwich like that!! :D looks so yummy!!

Thanks for answering my questions!! I LOVE books and I usually have 2-3 books going at a time. Yes...I know I'm weird ;) I finally got hubby to watch Hunger Games last night. He did read book 1 but stopped 1/2 way through the 2nd one. He's not a big fan.