Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Connor, Meet The Beach...

Our weekend by the beach was cut short last weekend when Todd had to go on a trip for work, but we got a long weekend to make up for it. I will take that for sure! And the weather was perfect. It was so warm for winter, average of 28c (82.4f ) over three days, which meant it was finally warm enough to take Connor to the beach for real. We walk to and sit at the beach while the big kids play all the time, but this time he got to join in on the fun.

And it was so cute. As babies, Mia and Ryan weren't so keen on the sand or the sea, definitely not the case with this little man. He loved it. He just wanted to roll around and dig his little hands into the sand. I kept putting him back on the towel and bam he'd roll over onto the sand. Super adorable!

And it's all gotten me so excited for spring and summer to come. I am looking forward to long days spent at the beach with this precious family that I get to call mine.

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