Monday, August 19, 2013

Shopping For Spring / Summer Beach Weather...

I love going to the beach. Love it! It's so calming and soothing and just plain fun. But when we took advantage of the early start to the warm weather last weekend and went to the beach I had to wear my maternity swimwear, cos there is no way I'm baring my bod in a bikini right now. It's not that big of a deal, I love my maternity swimmers, they are supe cute. It's just that they are way too big for me now.  I had to keep pulling the bottoms up and the top was literally flapping in the breeze and lifting up. Not so fun! 

So I have decided its definitely time to update my swimwear wardrobe. And in my short search, Target seems to have me covered! And before you think, hmmm this sounds like a sponsored post, nope I just happen to love the stuff at Target right now! Okay truth be told I love the stuff at Target all the time.
Who doesn't?

Anyway moving on, I've narrowed done my favourite items. I just need to make a final decision. And soon, we are headed on a beach holiday in a month and a half and I need to be prepared!

Here's what I'm loving.

So help me out. What are your favourites from my picks?

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Kristy Avent said...

I think the Last swimmers with the first cover up - or better yet the second swimmers with the first and second coverup!