Thursday, August 15, 2013

What Is Real?

Something has been on my mind for a little while now. I just haven't felt the need to verbalize it - well actually write it down. Until now.

I have seen so many blog posts, comments, tweets etc. on how so many blogger aren't real, and how people will only follow / read / whatever blogs written by people who are real.

But what is real? Who gets to decide?

Think about it for a minute. 

Does only sharing the good, fun, happy parts of life mean that a blogger isn't real? Perhaps they just look at and take on the positive in life. Maybe they have had some downs lately and by affirming the good in their life lifts them back up into a place they want to be. And if they did share about the bad and ugly perhaps they feel like it will allow it to have a firmer grip on them.

Does venting, telling the bad, speaking the truth or standing up for beliefs make a blogger controversial and not real or genuine? Perhaps to them sharing their burdens in life eases the load that they carry on their shoulders. Maybe by sharing their story / feelings / sadness they will help someone else who is in the same situation to feel like they aren't alone. Possibly sharing their faith and their truths feels like a calling to them, like what they are meant to be doing.

Does having an organised, clean, well running home that they are proud to share mean that a blogger isn't real? Perhaps they feel stressed and out of control when their house isn't in order and by sharing pictures of it when it is they get a sense of pride in their achievements. Maybe cleaning and organising is therapeutic and second nature to them. Is is possible that they simple thrive on routine or structure and that it comes naturally to them?

Does sharing pictures and words about the clutter, chaos, disorganisation make a blogger more real than one who doesn't? They are sharing how their life looks, other peoples lives look completely different. Just like personalities are different peoples 'real' life is different. And that's totally okay.

Does showing all the fun things they make, do, plan or organise for their kids mean they are taking away from the chaos and craziness that comes hand in hand with having children? No way! They are simply showing what they do to get through the day with themselves and their kids in one piece. It doesn't mean that they don't collapse in a heap on the couch once the children are in bed for the night. Or maybe they don't. Maybe they have energy to burn and things to tick off their to-do list. That's great too.

Yes, this online world is edited and we all only share what we want to. But does that make what is shared any less real?

Did it happen? Is it their life? Is it what they do? Is it how they are? Is it how their home runs? Any one of those things (or all of them!) makes it real.

It doesn't, well it shouldn't matter, if someone else's version of real is different to ours. It takes all sorts. That's what makes this world such an amazing place. And by simply dismissing other's blogs (which is their own place to do what they wish) as not 'real' enough can be hurtful. Not to mention unnecessary. Does the way they live or portray their lives hurt us in anyway? Heck no!

Do people who come to my blog think I'm real enough for them? Who knows. All I know is, this is my life, my blog and my journey. I share some of the ups and some of the downs. Not all of them. Some of them I keep for myself, to keep them special. Yep I mean both those good and bad special moments.

This is my life. This is my reality.

And this is what is real for me and only me.

Just a little food for thought. Take a minute to think about it and let me know what YOU think about this whole 'real or not' conversation.

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