Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY Wonder Woman Costume...

A couple of weeks back Mia had a book week parade at school. And all she wanted was to go as Wonder Woman. But she didn't tell me that till the day before. I took on the challenge and whipped up this super fun costume for her to wear. She loved it and proudly announced to everyone that I made it especially for her. All her classmates loved her costume except one little girl who said "Eww, as if you would wear a homemade costume". But I think it was out of envy, she was wearing her school uniform with a cape over the top and no one was there to watch her. It was sad actually. And Mia handled herself so well. She said "well I love it and that's all that matters". Fist pump for my girl!

Now back to the costume.
I grabbed some metallic gold card, shiny red card, shiny red fabric, elastic, and some blue tulle.  

My red fabric was the right length for the top so I didn't need to cut the length. I used a loose shirt of Mia's as a guide for the width, folded the fabric in half (with shirt up against the folded edge) and cut allowing an inch and a half for the seam. I left the top and bottom of the fabric raw, I was working in nap time and had to be fast.

Pin the cut edges of the side length together with the shiny side in. 

Cut two 2 inch x 12 inch strips. Fold along the length with the shiny side in and pin.

Sew the two strap pieces and the body piece.

Now turn the strap pieces right side out. Luckily it's shiny so it was slippery and quick!

Move the seam of the body piece to the centre of what will be the back. Then flip it straight over so it is the front side up. Pin the straps approximately 1 1/2 inch in from each side.

Flip over and pin the back of the straps a little further in then the front, it just makes it sit a little nicer.

Now if you baby is starting to stir, hand stitch and hope he resettles, otherwise go ahead and use your machine.

Now the top is done. Get started on the tulle. Cut a tonne of 1 inch wide x 31 inch long strips. Cut a piece of elastic the size of your little ones waist and stitch the ends together overlapping by an inch.

Use a bucket to hold the elastic taught and make it easier to knot the tulle. Fold the lengths on tulle in half which creates a loop at the top. Pull the loop down behind the elastic about an inch, thread the ends through and pull to create a knot.

Now just keep going until it is as full as you want it.

Now to the cardboard. Cut a star out of the red. I used a cookie cutter as a guide.

Cut a strip of the gold card. Fold in half to find the centre of the piece. Mark it, this is where the highest point will be. Angle out to each side from there and cut away.

Flip over and glue the star onto the centre.

Freehand the WW logo and use a marker to outline it for a little punch. I used double sided tape to attach it to the top. Easy.

Now cut out some stars for the skirt, I used the gold card, and just turned it so the white was facing out. I used the tape to attach them to the tutu also. Then cut two small pieces of card for the gold wristbands. I didn't have a full length of card long enough for the belt so I joined two shorter pieces together. Now get your little Wonder Woman and start putting it all on her. I used tape to hold the wrist bands, belt and headpiece together.

And there you have it! Super easy, pretty quick, and only cost a couple of dollars.

Pretty great for a last minute homemade costume don't you think?


Lacey said...

Love this, Em! My youngest daughter, Chloe, is obsessed with Wonder Woman. I can't sew, but this seems like it'd be easy enough for me to handle. :)

Jamie said...

You're so creative!