Monday, September 16, 2013


Rollerskating. I used to love it as a child. Yet it wasn't until Mia received an invitation to a birthday party at a skating rink that I realised she didn't have a clue what it was. How sad is that. And the only person at the party who knew how to skate was the birthday girl herself. How different it is from when I was growing up. Basically everyone knew how to skate. I used to skate up and down my driveway just about every day after school. Boy times have changed.

Back to the party and we had a bunch of excited yet nervous littles clinging to the side of the rink. There were a tonne of tumbles, quite a few bruises, only a couple of tears, but by the end of the party they were all skating so well and Mia even had a go at speed skating. I was super proud of her and how she got up every single time she fell over (and that was a lot) with a massive smile on her face. She just kept on trying. 

So even in the midst of an 8th birthday party, I was reminded of an important lesson. 

Thank you sweet girl.

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