Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Holidays. Vacations. They are awesome. And the one we just had was no exception. It was amazing, relaxing, fun, the works. So much quality family time, so much time in general. You really can't beat it. But afterwards, everything else feels so, flat. 

I will share more about of time away on another day. For now I'm just trying to get myself past that post holiday slump. I feel like I'm in such a funk and can't get back into regular life. Which means I am seriously lacking in the motivation department. I had plans to just straight back into blogging once our holidays were over. But the words are just not there.

So for now enjoy a few pictures while I try to get my inspiration back. I'm going to craft, read, plan, cook, sew. Whatever it takes and hope that this lifts me back up. 

Do you get a post vacation / holiday hangover too?

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