Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Anniversary...

September 22nd, 2007 I married this cutie. It was a long time coming, we'd already been together 7 years! It was our day, we loved it and I still remember it so clearly. Even 6 years later.

For half of our anniversaries, we have been apart. Either by state or country. And let me tell you it's just not the same celebrating with someone who is in a different timezone. Since we have been married we haven't been able to spend our anniversary at the place we were married. Something we have wanted to do so badly.

This year we were blessed to be able to.

That right there is the spot where I got out of my bridal car with my bridal party and readied myself to walk down the aisle to my dreamboat.

And that decking area right there. That's where we exchanged our vows. Oh what a hold on my heart that place has. Just looking at the photo's again makes my heart flutter.

I love this man more now than the day I married him. Which at the time I never thought was possible. He has challenged me and comforted me and loved me more than I deserve at times. To me he is a rock star. I love you babe.

Oh and FYI this was at the beginning of our holiday, so definitely before my tan (if you can even call it that!) kicked in.

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Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary! So glad you got to spend it together. :)