Thursday, October 17, 2013


Today, my sweet Ryan had his prep orientation day at the school that Mia currently goes to. Talk about crazy. It had been on my calendar for ages and I hadn't given it more than a passing thought. Not because I didn't think it was a big deal or important. But because it made me feel apprehensive.

I mean before CJ came along, for the last 3 years everyday it was just Ryan and I. He's always been my little guy. My constant shadow. And the fact of the matter is, I'm going to miss him like crazy.  Not even embarrassed to admit it.

Truth be told, I felt the same about Mia starting school. And the beginning of the school year after having her home with me for two months. Yep, I'm one of those mamas.

They fight like crazy, push on every nerve, are messy, crazy, loud and full on. But they are my littles. The thought that the days of them being with me all the time is over, for good might I add, is just too much. 

The seasons of life are so short. Those years with little ones who rely on you for everything are over too soon. At the time they seem long, hard and never ending. But the reality is they pass in the blink of an eye. 

By the time their school going days are over they will be grown. They will always be my babies. But they will be grown.

Just the thought of it tears at my heart.

But we must let them grow up, guide them, nurture them and help them to become the people they were made to be. As mother's that is our job. 

And a lot of the time this job is tough. Amazingly tough.


Jennie Grange said...

oh my goodness. he is the cutest.

Jamie said...

It is so hard to watch them grow up!