Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas Card Photos...

Over the weekend Todd and the littles excitedly joined in on a mini photo-shoot in our yard. And by that I mean, they were bribed. With some Christmas music and twinkle lights. You've gotta do what you've gotta do hey mamas!

I was wanting to get some photo Christmas cards printed this year and have been hunting around. But the frugal part of me was totally thrown by the cost! I searched high and low and then I found ones I loved on Snapfish. But they were going to cost forty odd dollars, without shipping. It may not seem like much to you, but to me, that's two Christmas presents of my super long list of nieces and nephews. Just as I was about to click away and go huff about it to Todd, I saw a little note at the top of the page. 50% off. Awesome! Only problem is it ended 11/11. 

Only one solution. A super quick, mini photo shoot at home. After the inlaws left, but before the forecast storms hit. It was quite an event. I had fun, the kids in the end had fun, and Todd was a good sport about it. Even with super sore eyes, that were dying in the bright sunlight, with the added pain of smoke hanging around from bushfires nearby. Oh and 35 degree celcius heat.

I have discovered that he will get on board with anything. If I just ask nicely.

In the end we got a couple of great photos for our Christmas card and I ordered them and am now waiting impatiently for them to come.

But we also got a lot of really funny ones. And they were too good not to share. 

Look at that enthusiasm!

Do you do Christmas cards? Custom or just a pack from the store?


En4tainment said...

Oh so cute love the photos,

Jamie said...

The pictures came out great!