Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Grandparents Day...

Spots and stripes, always an awesome combination.

Last Monday, Mia's school had an afternoon tea and special assembly to celebrate Grandparent's Day. It was a really big turn out which was fantastic to see. Mia invited Todd's parent and my mum, but unfortunately Todd's parents weren't able to make it up on the day. She still had fun with my mum though.

I totally forgot to take my camera with me to school so I made sure I snapped a couple of photos once we got back to our place. Seeing that huge smile on Mia's face and how proud she was escort her VIP guest around school was so awesome.

Here's hoping that next year both lots of grandparents will be able to attend, especially since both Mia and Ryan will be there and will be wanting their own VIP to show off.

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