Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Days...

If you are a regular around these parts you will know that I am currently a stay at home mum with my three littles. I love it so much and feel blessed to be able to do so at this point in our lives. A huge thank you to Todd for working so hard so that I can. You rock babe!

I treat it partly like its a job, the whole taking care of the house, chores part I mean. Not the loving on the babies part! So I am big on routine. I do certain things on certain days, I like to know what's coming for the day or week. If I don't have things planned out I feel like I don't get anything accomplished and the house descends into sheer chaos.

Here is an average Tuesday in our house.

5am: Alarm goes off, I throw on my robe and head to the kitchen to make coffee, breakfast and Todd's lunch. Drink coffee and Todd eats while we talk about what we have on for the day. Connor usually wakes around this time and has a quick snuggle time with Dad.

5.35am: Todd leaves for work. Time for kisses, cuddles and Connor's morning feed. Then a nappy change and get him dressed for the day. He attacks my legs or destroys my room while I get myself ready for the day.
6/6.30am: Ryan is up and comes to play with Connor. As we head back out to the kitchen Mia emerges already dressed from her room.

7am - 8.20am: I make Mia and Ryan's breakfast, feed Connor his fruit or cereal and pack Mia's lunch for school. Do Mia's hair and help Ryan finish getting ready. Help make Ryan's bed (Mia does her own) and make my own. Get the schoolbag packed, teeth brushed and everyone in the car by 8.20am for the school run.

8:45am - 9:30am: Time for some grocery shopping. I go to two different stores to get the best value and make the most of our budget. I have a list and stick to it. Monday afternoons I sit down and work a meal plan for the week and write the list according to that. Saves a load of money and wastage doing it this way. Both Ryan and Connor go in the trolley and I have it down to a fine art. 

9.30am: Race back in the door just in time to throw the cold stuff into the fridge before I sit down to feed Connor, I usually browse Instagram during this time. Pop Connor down for his morning nap. Ryan pulls out some puzzles, cars, drawing stuff and gets to work.

10 - 11.30am: Put on a load of washing (a load a day keeps the piles at bay! Ha, I amuse myself!), put away groceries, grab a snack for Ryan and make a coffee. Clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher. Wipe down the bathroom vanities, quick clean of the toilets and a walk around the house wiping surfaces and returning the random items to their proper rooms. Then it's time to hang out the washing. Throw something for dinner into the slow cooker, chicken drumsticks are popular at the moment round these parts.

11.30 - 1.30pm: I play with Ryan. Trains, cars, soccer in the yard, reading, practicing writing and spelling. We have some lunch and hear CJ starting to stir. Connor is now wide awake and is hungry! Cuddles and a feed are in order. Then we have a play on the floor. He chases Ryan around now, he's so speedy. Super adorable. Then it's time for Connors lunch, either veggies or yoghurt and banana. Then he heads back down for a nap. This crawling and cruising business wears him out super quickly!

1.30pm - 2.45pm: Ryan usually does some dress ups now and pretty much re-enacts Star Wars on the trampoline. I bake some of my peanut butter choc chip cookies ready for afternoon tea. I give the living/dining/kitchen area floors a quick vacuum while they are cooking. Then a mop while they are cooling. Then I sit on the deck and do some blogging / blog planning / emails / Twitter / Photo editing. I usually make a start on lots and save them to finish later. If Ryan wants me to join in on his game, or to do something different, the laptop/ipad etc gets put away.

2.40pm - 3.15pm: Mia's school pick up run time. Get Connor out of his cot and we are off.

3.15pm: Feed Connor and talk to Mia about her day. She writes out her spelling words while Darth Vader, I mean Ryan is back outside running around with his lightsaber. Connor then has cuddle time with big sister while I get the cookies and milk ready, and make coffee since Todd will be getting home anytime. Once he is home we all just hang out, play with Connor and talk about our days on the back deck, with Mia and Ryan playing in the yard. Give Connor some early dinner since we have to head out.

4.45pm: Get Mia and Ryan organised for swimming lesson, and head on out. 

6pm: Back home and I get CJ changed, bathed and ready for bed. I nurse Connor and he goes down for the night. The kids shower before dinner. Toss together a salad or cook up what ever side we need for dinner. If I need to cook a side I will throw it on as soon as I walk back in the door so it's ready once we are.

6.45pm: Time to eat. We clean up after dinner. Hang with the kids and read stories before bed. They are both usually exhausted by now, it's been a big day!

7.45pm: The kids go to bed. Normally it's 7.30pm sharp for bedtime, but on swimming night we push it back. I grab the washing in.

The rest of the evening is free. We have hot drinks, sometimes a sweet treat. We talk, watch some tv. Todd will go for a run, ride. I will do yoga. I might finish up some blogging work if Todd has stuff to go over for work or wants to play xbox or something.. Otherwise we just snuggle up on the couch.

We always aim to head to bed before 10pm but we are usually staying up till around 11 - 11.30pm most nights and it is knocking us out.

So there you have it. A typical day in my life as a stay at home mum.

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