Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Sofa / Console Table DIY...

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A while back while cruising around Pinterest, I saw and fell in love  with this Sofa / Console Table. Seriously what's not to love. I immediately knew that it was what was missing from our living room. And so began my campaign to get Todd to help me build one. Let me start by saying, I am not really a DIY using tools kind of girl. Well not before this anyway. I was always worried I was going to lose a finger, or drill through my hand or something crazy. So I'm sure that didn't really help me case when I started trying to convince Todd.

It didn't take long to convince him and get him super excited about the project. God love that man for always being willing to just on board with my crazy ideas. He may try and guide me in a more practical direction but he never says no. 

The plans for the original table were great, but we needed a different height, length, width, height of shelf, you name it! So we used those a a guide point for working up our own. It just goes to show that even if the original idea isn't quite right for you, a little tweaking is totally worth the time and effort. We had two pieces of timber that we had saved from an old piece of furniture that we wanted to use for the top and for the shelf and we used those as a base to working out our new plans.

The end result is better than I dreamed! I absolutely love it and it is beyond perfect for the spot behind the sofa. We used spray paint (dark brown first then matte white) and distressed the heck out of it. Scraping, banging, sanding, we wanted it to look like it had been used and enjoyed for some time. I just think it is so gorgeous.

I am still trying to track down the right colour baskets to go on the shelf underneath and then it will be complete. The baskets are going to house cloth napkins, table runners and placemats. Nothing CJ can hurt himself with when he inevitably pulls them all out. Life with a baby on the move is crazy right!

What do you think of our new Sofa / Console table?

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Brittany @ Infinity Ampersand said...

I love this table! I can't believe you distressed that yourself! It looks so professional! I want to make one just like it now.

Also, I love that rope/knot decoration!