Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas In The City...

Last Sunday we loaded up the littles and headed into Brisbane City for a day of Christmas browsing (since I'd finished shopping!) and to see the Myer Christmas Parade and Pantomime. It was such a good day, we picked up some fun Christmas bargains, I love it when they start discounting Christmas goodies. 

It was crazy busy and we had to head out by the tree a couple of times just to stop and escape the hustle and bustle. But it was fun. And the parade and pantomime was awesome. Well worth waiting for, and we will definitely be going back next year. 

Good times with my precious family. Doesn't get much better than that.


Sorry things have been quiet around these parts lately, but I have been soaking up a whole lot of family time. And when it comes to choosing between my family and the computer, they will win every time. I do hope to get a couple of posts that I have in drafts out before Christmas, since they are Christmas themed after all. But we will see.

Hope you are having some great quality family time too.

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Lauren Gaines said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the Christmas tree and the parade looks like a fun time :)