Friday, December 6, 2013

Coffee Date...

If we were having coffee right now I would tell you that we have a full weekend ahead. It started tonight actually. We haven't long gotten home from Ryan's preschool Christmas party and it was loud, crazy but loads of fun. They did it so well, there was a disco room, a lolly buffet, sausage sizzle, activities and Santa and his elf helper. They got to make reindeer food, and little tiny teddy sleighs and dance their little bootys off. It was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. On the way home we went by some of the local Christmas light displays. The littles were all falling asleep in the back of the car as we drove. So sweet. Now they are all tucked up in bed and Todd & I have been watching The Santa Clause, sipping coffee and I've been sewing. Just taking a quick blogging break then I am getting back to this sewing.

I would tell you the rest of the weekend consists of a birthday party, a family lunch at my mums, the RAAF Christmas treat on Monday day and Todd's mums birthday Monday night. It's going to be busy but oh so good. A whole lot to look forward too. And add to it that Todd has a four day weekend and you have some serious awesomeness right there.

I would ask you to please excuse the chaos that abounds in our dining room right now. I have a knack for starting a tonne of projects at the same time! I'm currently finishing up 5 different sewing projects, 3 DIY's and 3 crafts. I need to learn the art of finishing one before starting another. I'm just thankful that Todd's eyes never notice mess. 

I would offer you a top up already, because let's face it one coffee is never enough!

I would tell you I feel like such a kid again this Christmas, I feel extra excited this year. I mean I am always pretty full on come Christmas but this year it's just, more so. Maybe it's because we are having another little one experience it for the first time. I'm not sure, but whatever the reason is, I love it!

I would tell you I'm wondering whether the days of hand written cards, letter and notes is over. I love sending them, and try to do it as often as I can, but I don't see it so much anymore. I mean even my grandmother sends text messages more than letters these days. I hope that the pleasure and enjoyment of good old fashioned snail mail isn't over, I love it too much.

I would tell you I am so sad that Ryan only has one week of preschool left. One more week of being home with Connor and I most of the week, before school holidays start. Then Mia is home and the days of us together day in day out is over. Forever. He will be in school 5 days a week next year. And once that stage of his life is over he will be grown. It's just about killing me thinking about it. He's my bud we have spent 6 of our days together every week for the last 5 1/2 years and I am going to miss him so much. Boys and their mums, need I say more.

I would tell you it already feels like this season, the season of Christmas has been here for a whole lot longer than a week. I love that it's not passing by in a blink of the eye. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year.

I would tell you that I'm looking forward to a cookie decorating party with my mum, sisters, littles and nieces and nephew. I'm also really looking forward to a late night Christmas shopping trip with both my sisters. It has been too many years since we went shopping all together at Christmas.

I would ask you if you are looking forward to this season of family time as much as I am. Then I'd ask you if you need a hand, or if there is anything that I can do for you to ease your burden a little in this super busy time of year. Christmas is my favourite time to lend a hand, and it would be my pleasure.

Then I'd apologise that I have to cut our date short, but promise to do it again real soon. Probably not as soon as we should, because sometimes life gets in the way. But know I'm always thinking of you.

Have a fantastic weekend.

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