Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Handmade Christmas Ideas 2013 {Day 1}...

For the last two years I have done a series called Two Weeks of Handmade Christmas Ideas. I have loved it, its been a blast! This year I am mixing it up a little. The ideas will be a mixture of completely handmade and  semi handmade. It will feature a few recipes, some sewing, some crafting and some DIY and for the most part be a little more time friendly. The main reason being that since number three has joined the party, I have way less spare time on my hands and if there is a shortcut I am willing to take it. And I know that so many of you are in the same boat.

Now let's get started and why not kick off with a bang and feature our

Faux Fireplace

Here in my hot part of Australia, fireplaces aren't that common, unless you live in an old Queenslander style home. Needless to say none of the houses we have lived in have had one. Which isn't that big of a deal until Christmas rolls around. Our littles are obsessed with the Night Before Christmas story, and kept asking us if we could get a fireplace. Hmm not so easy.

Until I saw this on Pinterest. I fell in love with the idea straight away! But the look wasn't quite right for us. Plus with the only place it could go being a small wall at the top of the staircase, size was going to be an issue. I roped Todd in on the idea and we headed to Bunnings. We were lucky enough to find an off-cut of a garden sleeper that was the perfect length and grab it up for $2. It was exactly the worn, old look of timber we were after. Todd just had to trim an inch and a half of the width so that it didn't stick out to far from the wall.

All we needed was one round fence post which we cut into two legs - FYI the height we used is the same as the length of the 'mantle' piece. Simple. He then pre-drilled and attached the 'mantle' to the legs using big, big bolts. We used some smaller ones first and they kept bending because of the hard timber. In this case bigger is better, and more stable. 

Now if we didn't have a baby pulling up on everything we would have just stood it there as it, but for a little bit of reassurance we used eye hooks and zip ties to hold up against the wall. As yet CJ hasn't pulled up on it at all, still it was worth doing for piece of mind. I'm sure there are other better ways to attach it, but we needed something on the spot and it works a treat.

To hang the stockings we used 5 nails spaced evenly across the 'mantle'. I then popped some holly garland and a few decorative items on top to finish it. I have to tell you, I have change the layout three times in as many weeks. Talk about indecisive!

I couldn't resist adding a few logs - which are really just a variety of scrap pieces of wood we had in our workshop that I sprayed dark brown then sanded back in varying amounts. I then grabbed a string of battery operated red twinkly lights to wrap around for the fireplace glow. And those presents. More offcuts sprayed red and tied with strips of white fabric. Simple but effective.

So there you have it, a simple way to make a Faux Fireplace to hang your stockings this Christmas.

Head back tomorrow for a yummy Christmas Treat!


Alisha Duncan said...

Hot damn! Those are cute!!

Catie said...

Great idea!!! We love our fireplace but that would be fun if we didn't have one