Thursday, January 23, 2014

A New Way To Sponsor, Without Spending A Cent...

I love this blog and all the people it has enabled me to 'meet' and connect with. It truly is such a blessing to me. I love getting to know you all though your blogs, shops, Instagram, pinterest. I love to look at all of it!

I want to take the regular idea of blog 'sponsorship' and turn it on its head. I want to use my blog to create a sense of community, of encouragement, and I want to keep paying it forward.
I want to support, promote, showcase and feature other bloggers, other creators, other crafters. 

For this reason I have felt compelled to no longer accept payment for 'sponsor' spots on my blog.

There are several options now available:

Swap and Stop: We swap buttons, and thats all. 

Teaser Spot: Medium button, a blog mention in a monthly round-up, a couple of social media shout-outs, getting to know each other better.

Let's Show The World How Great You Are: Large button, guest post (with giveaway option), lots of social media love - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, getting to know each other better via messages, email, snail mail - whatever you like!

Let's Share Your Talent With The World: This option is for all you shop owners out there. Medium button, feature post and/or review (with giveaway option), social media love - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Please note this is only for small businesses. Big business or corporations? Email me and we can collaborate if it fits.

There are a couple of conditions involved. 

Firstly your blog/shop needs to be a good fit with mine, this is after all a parenting blog, enough said. 

Secondly, you need to be willing to interact with me! The idea is to create a sense of community, friendship. I have sponsored a tonne of blogs where the only interaction is when they take your money, when they check if you are in for the monthly giveaway and when they see if you are renewing. Nothing, zip, zilch in between, even if you try on your end. Lets change that, because it can only be a positive things. 

Lastly, I want you to pay it forward in some way. How you choose to do it is up to you, but please find a way to show some support to a fellow blogger or a small biz owner. More than one if you really want to be awesome!

Being a SAHM any money I have received from blog sponsorship (along with any sales I make) have been my only source of income to contribute to our little family, but I have felt compelled to do this. It's a leap of faith for me, but one that I believe will bring a huge pay off. That being community, encouragement and mutual support.

Sounds so very good to me, and I'm so excited!

Interested? I sure hope so. Email me with 'sponsor' in the subject box.

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