Friday, June 13, 2014

Just Like That It's June...

It's crazy hard to believe that the last time I even logged on to this blog of mine was over 4 months ago. Four long months. And boy have things changed in my life.

Before I attempt to jump back in to this blogging world, I guess I had better catch you up!

Well the big news is that we are now well on our way to being a family of 6. How crazy is that. The funny thing is, we always wanted 3 kids. And I thought there would be no way in the world that I would ever want more than 3. Then Connor was born. I don't even think it was a month later before I was telling, pleading, begging Todd to consider the possibility of having another. 

I wanted Connor to have a little sibling closer to his age, like how Mia and Ryan have each other. But more than that I just had an overwhelming feeling of not being done, heck even Todd said that if all babies were like Connor he'd want 100! So the discussion began and we semi decided to think about trying around May of this year. After all I was planning on breastfeeding Connor for as long as it he was happy and wasn't having a cycle yet. Turns out I didn't need one, God has plans for this new little baby to join our family sooner rather than later.

Connor turned 1 on the 3rd of March and we used his birthday to share our news with our families.

So now here we are, in the middle of June, and I am currently 24 weeks along. This new little bundle, another boy, is due early October. And we are beyond excited.

A little anxious, and the planner in me has gone into overdrive, but we are so very happy.

Physically, this pregnancy has been a lot more draining and stressful on my body than any of my other pregnancies. But that is what happens when it's your fourth pregnancy and it's less than a year after your third. But all in all I'm doing well. Now that the dreaded morning sickness has left. Honestly i have never thrown up so much in my life! Nor in my other pregnancies combined.

I'm still waiting for my bursts of energy to kick in, I have tonnes of ideas and plans. But by the time I get the big two off to school, house work done and Connor taken care of all I feel like doing is going back to bed. Or I just tend to fall asleep right where I am sitting at the time, sometimes mid conversation. Life of the party I am not right now.

I can hear my little monkey is wake in his cot so I had better sign off and go get him.

Here's hoping I can stay away long enough during nap time a few days a week to keep you all updated, because I sure do miss the community of this place.

And the next post will have some more photo's for sure. And  maybe a bump update!

Take care all.


Kristy Cosgrove said...

Oh Congratulations lovely!!! This is amazing news!!! so so so happy for you!!!

Bmore Bungalow said...

Congratulations! I have my first little one on the way due the same time as you. I can't wait for their arrival!