Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Liam Todd...

When I signed back into blogger for the first time the other day and read the last post that I had written, I couldn't help but laugh. I was 24 weeks pregnant with my sweet baby number four and full of promises of bump photos and pregnancy updates. And I didn't share a single one! Or even newborn photos. 

Heck my little guy is now 8 months old!

I'm glad I can laugh at myself, or I might be a little embarrassed for promising and not delivering. Again, it would seem.

But better late than never right?

My pregnancy with Liam was harder on my body than any of my other pregnancies, but I loved every moment. Pregnancy is such a confidence builder for me, I'm proud of my body for all the hard work that it's doing. Post pregnancy is another story, for another day. Let's just say my body after four babies is very different. I'm in no way embarrassed by it, but it's changed. And to quote Ross from Friends, nobody likes change.

I had gestational diabetes again with Liam, and that combined with the super speedy arrival of Connor, my really fast heart rate and looking pale (ha, I found that one funny!) they decided they would induce me a few days before my due date. A total first for me, my other three were all past my due date. 

Luckily for me my body was already doing what it needed to do and when I headed to the hospital all it took was my waters being broken for things to kick into gear. It was intense. I opt for a drug free labour and delivery, simply due to my fear of feeling out of touch with my body. Heck a few puffs of gas make me black out, I cannot even imagine what the hard stuff would do to me! 

It felt like it was going on forever, but it was only two hours before I was fully dilated. And once I was fully dilated, he wasn't waiting around. My awesome midwife Emma kept saying don't push yet, give yourself a moment to rest. No chance, my body took over and I couldn't stop it even if I tried. I didn't have to push even once, my body did it on its own and he came out in a hurry. Not something I recommend, babies coming out fast do a decent amount of damage. But gosh he was worth it. 

Born 2nd October, 2014 at lunchtime with his Daddies name as his middle name. A sweet, tiny little guy at 8lbs. That's 10oz smaller than the littlest of the rest of my bunch. It was instant love.

He is still a small bundle of happiness. Always smiling, giggling and on the go. I had high hopes of him being a lazy little guy who was happy just being a baby and taking everything in. But nope he has wanted to join in on the fun, he was crawling before 5 months and at 8 months is cruising like a crazy person! So much for staying my little baby as long as possible, although with a smile as sweet as his I can forgive anything. This boy has me wrapped around his tiny finger.

What a blessing to have him as our sweet fourth baby, and our last.

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