Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween 2015...

Halloween 2015. 

Also known as the year Star Wars took over the boys in our house! But seriously though is there anything cuter than these four Stormtroopers? 

And it wasn't just me who thought so, everyone loved my boys all dressed up  we even had photo requests, a couple of littlies who wanted to follow Todd around and one who even ran up to hug him! So much fun.

Mia wanted to be a witch this year so I joined her so she wasn't the odd one out. She loved that us girls stuck together. 

Our community here is a great one and it was so lovely to see so many families out and enjoying the evening. I know many Auatralians aren't into it, but when you have a wonderful interactive community it's a really lovely thing. An excuse to stop and have a chat with your neighbours and the kids always think it's fun to see their school friends out and about all dressed up. Plus they obviously love all the treats! 

Also I'm a big believer in celebrating everything. Any event or occasion I grab onto it with both hands. I mean,why not use it as an excuse to have a little fun with your children. Life's to short not to celebrate! 

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, what did you get up too? 

Happy Halloween everyone. 

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