Friday, November 20, 2015

Make A List, Christmas Planning Tip # 6...

Christmas Bucket List

It is such a horrible feeling to get to the end of the festive season only to remember all the things you had wanted to do (or worse, had promised to do). It moves so fast that some of the smaller, yet still meaningful things, can be forgotten. There is really only one way around it.

Christmas Planning Tip # 6

Make a list, a bucket list of sorts, of all the Christmas activities you want to do. I usually just write mine down in my diary, but sometimes it pays to have a reminder right in front of your face, so making a pretty one and printing it out works too. Here's a look at what's on mine.

Write letters to Santa and post them, do them early and you can even get a response. Check with your postal service to find the address to mail it too and the deadline.

Photos with Santa and looking at the Myer Christmas windows in the city.

Myer Christmas parade pantomime in the city.

The Christmas light express - we make Spanish hot chocolates and caramel popcorn, put the kids in their Christmas pajamas and cruise the local Christmas light displays while listening to Christmas music.

Christmas movie nights. We have a stack of Christmas movies that we watch each year, once a week we do a movie night. We all wear our Christmas pajamas, snuggle up on the couch (with the a/c on) eat popcorn and get into the spirit. Since we have so many movies to get through we also put some on in the background during the day, it makes dishes or housework even more fun when you have the grinch or jingle all the way on in the background.

Christmas craft days. Each year in the post Christmas sales I grab up cheap supplies for the following year. I find a couple of crafts for the kids to do on Pinterest and add them to the list. I don't tell the kids what they are until the day though! It stops them from hounding me and plus I like to keep it a surprise.

Christmas carols, some years we get to attend other years we just watch on television.

Buy and deliver groceries to the local church for their Christmas hampers for those in need.

Delivery Christmas gifts to the local neighbourhood friends.

Gingerbread house and sugar cookie decorating party.

Christmas Party. It doesn't have to be a huge production or perfect, it's about spending time with friends.

Read Christmas stories. We have some gorgeous books including one we bought for Mia's first Christmas which makes it even more special. It's even sweeter now as Mia and Ryan both love to read to each other and the little ones too.

Make reindeer food. With extra glitter so they know where to land of course!

Bake cookies for Santa. They have to be fresh for Christmas Eve. We hear he likes double chocolate chip.

Do you make a Christmas bucket list? It doesn't have to be crazy over the top, at Christmas the simple things are often the best. 

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Nikki Stevens said...

That is such a cute idea! I thought Santa liked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies? ;)