Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Send It Out, Christmas Planning Tip #3...

christmas cards planning

How crazy is it that we are into the second week of November already. My Christmas excitement has truly stepped it up a notch as I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of our Christmas cards. It's only been the last two years that we have done personalised photo cards, but I have always sent out Christmas Cards. Regular mail, not email cards. It's such an underused medium these days, but that feeling of receiving something nice in the mail it is the best. Which leads to me to my next tip. Missed out on reading my first two tips? You can catch up Tip #1 here and Tip #2 here.

christmas cards planning

Christmas Planning Tip #3

Plan and send your Christmas cards, as well as any gifts that need to go interstate or overseas, early. Aim for having them all sent by December 1st. 

It's pretty simple, those last few weeks before Christmas get crazy for the postage service. People who don't normal post things often are sending things left, right and centre. Which means things can and will take longer to get processed and delivered. You don't want to caught without enough time and have your card or gift arrive after Christmas has been done and dusted. 

If you are planning of doing personalised photo cards, order them the first week of November at the latest. I use Snapfish and have always been so happy with the quality and service, and you can usually grab yourself a good 50 - 60% discount in the end of October and beginning of November. Just buying regular cards? Even easier, pick them up mid November, along with stamps, pens and anything else you need to get them done.

Set aside an hour or two, put on some Christmas music, make a nice hot cup of coffee and get to it. Make a list of who you want to send them to, write them out, address and stamp them. Drop them in to the post office that day or the next morning, along with any gift parcels you need to send out and give yourself a big pat on the back, and feel another little weight lift of your festive season shoulders.

Do you love sending and receiving Christmas cards as much as I do?

Shoot me an email with your address and I will send you one! 

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