Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wrap It Up, Christmas Planning Tip #2...

christmas tree wrapping planning

Hi again, I hope my first Christmas tip post inspired some of you to start getting organised for Christmas. If we can take some of the rush and stress out of Christmas we can focus more of our precious time and energy on our friends and family so we can truly enjoy the festive season.

I got some more presents ticked off my list yesterday and am now down to only a couple of things to get, should be all done by this time next week depending on shipping times. Feels good! And I grabbed a new Christmas wrap organiser as well which is super practical and also really cute. I can't help but smile every time I grab it out to use it!

Christmas Planning Tip #2

So we first talked about organising our gift list and getting that shopping planned out and done. Now let's talk about wrapping. I'm not talking about amazing, wonderful intricate gift wrapping. I'm referring to it in a more practical sense. Colour coding. 

When you have kids, cousins, siblings and parent on both sides of the family, it can add up to a whole lot of presents under the tree. I used to always have matching paper, with matching ribbon and gift tags for everyone, then I took the wrong present to the wrong Christmas celebration and more poor niece missed out. I'd taken it to my inland ahead of the Christmas celebration their the following day. That day I vowed to find a better system.

Now I colour code. Or more accurately I allocate a specific wrapping paper to each group. Our kids have one type, my husbands side has one, my side has one, teachers have one, friends have one. I write in my diary which wrap is for which group so my husband can refer to it easily if he needs to. I also keep a tally of the number of gifts in each group next to it, so he and I can see how many presents there should be. Another fail safe so no ones present gets forgotten.

It helps so much. For class parties I can say the green Christmas tree wrap is for Ryan's class and the red with gold stars is for Mia's. Easy for the kids to grab as well. It's also so useful for when I need to get Todd to load presents into the car for a Christmas celebration, I can just tell him to grab all the presents with the silver bauble wrap and that there should be 8!

Seriously it's so simple, yet it helps a tonne. No more mixing up presents, which means one less thing you have to worry about. Now you've gotten your seperate wrapping paper colours or styles allocated, wrap those presents as you buy them. I clear a couple of spaces to safely store the wrapped presents. You could use a shelf in your wardrobe or hall closet, an empty suitcase, or a cupboard in the garage. 

Make it a habit. Buy present, check it off the list, wrap in allocated gift wrap and add it to the tally in your diary for future reference. You will feel so much more organised and you won't need to stay up until 2am a couple of nights before Christmas to get all your wrapping done.

One last mini tip, aim to have all your shopping and wrapping done before the date you plan to put your tree up. Most people put up their tree in the first week of December which is right about the time all the Christmas activities, obligations etc for work, school, friends and family really start to ramp up. Why not have one less thing to worry about!

Do you have a system when it comes to wrapping your Christmas presents?

Happy shopping and wrapping.

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