Sunday, December 6, 2015

Quick and Easy Class Gifts...


I love sending class gifts with Mia and Ryan in the last couple of weeks of school. They love getting to hand out a little something to all their friends and class mates and its a really simple way to show them how much fun it is giving without expecting anything in return. Plus I just really love Christmas, so i will use pretty much any excuse to spread a little Christmas cheer!

Last year I made candy cane playdoh, which Ryan loved but Mia thought that it was a little too babyish for her. She really is growing up! So to avoid any disappointment this year I let them both choose what they wanted to give as class gifts. I thought for sure that Ryan would pick something edible because the boy LOVES to eat, but he sure surprised me.

He went with these super cute packages of Grinch dust. We found the super cute printable on Pinterest, and although the picture and poem were both supposed to be on the front of the bag, I wanted the labels to be smaller so just cut them and put the poem on the front and the Grinch picture on the back. I was super happy with how they turned out.

To make the Grinch dust I put 3 cups of sugar, 2 big splashes of green food colouring and a large tube of green glitter into a really big jar and shook it like crazy until it was all combined. The effect is really cute, and much cheaper than the bags of straight glitter which I was planning on using. Ryan loved them and we are going to make some for us to use a couple of days before Christmas, after all we don't want the Grinch stealing all our presents!

Mia went with the classic Reindeer noses. Bless the girl for making it super easy for me. Again we found the printable on Pinterest. Seriously, you can find everything you need there! We used malteasers for the regular noses and jaffas for rudolph's nose. For both lots of class gifts I used the same great bags from The Reject Shop. I always head to all the cheap / discount stores for great cheap christmas goodies. And I usually always walk out with way more than I intended getting but it's always awesome and so cheap. I know I have mentioned this store heaps lately and trust me it's not a sponsorship deal at all. I wish! I just am all about the bargains when it comes to all those little Christmas goodies.

I hope these ideas inspire you to do some class gifts too! It's always so much fun. And the look on the kids faces when they get a little surprise is always worth it.